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G13 x Tangerine

by Amsterdam Genetics

Tangerine G13 from Amsterdam Genetics is a hybrid with a sweet fruity flavour and lovely mix of body and head high. This strain needs care and skill to reach its maximum yields, benefitting from methods like scrogging. Suited to more experienced growers, it will produce compact sticky buds when treated well.

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Tangerine G13 Genetics

G13 is a very strong indica, giving an incredibly deep, relaxed body high. Amsterdam Genetics have combined it here with Tangerine to give it a lighter, more cerebral side, and a sweeter taste; its parent strain GH9 Aroma is known for its heady scent.

Tangerine G13 Terpene Profile

Compact, light green buds, give a fruity, sweet, mouthful of citrus to the happy partaker of Tangerine G13. Ripe buds show lots of red pistils and a nice glaze of frost. As the name suggests, there should be more orange than lemon flavour from this one.

Tangerine G13 Effects

With 60/40 indica to sativa mix, Tangerine G13 produces a lovely balance of body and head high. Some even describe its body buzz as strong and tangible as a good massage. The G13 parent is known for its potency, so expect heavier effects and possibly also the munchies.

Medical Benefits Tangerine G13

Tangerine G13 from Amsterdam Genetics provides a variety of therapeutic benefits. THC is high, this can be particularly good for migraine sufferers or those with neuralgic pain; especially as she also has a high level of the cannabinoid CBG too (1.8%). The body buzz is great for relieving aching, tired muscles.

How to Grow Tangerine G13

Probably not one for beginner growers, Tangerine G13 needs care and skill to reach its maximum yields, growing with prodigious speed it benefits from methods like a screen of green (SCROG) or sea of green (SOG). When nice and ripe, it will grow tall and strong, producing high yields of dense, sticky buds.