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White Widow x The One

by Amsterdam Genetics

Sketch from Amsterdam Genetics is a sativa-dominant hybrid. A cross of two particularly potent strains; White Widow, and The One. With 20% THC and a wonderful citrus flavor, this strain gives a long-lasting cerebral high.

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Sketch Genetics

The lineage of Sketch stretches around the globe; there’s an Indian indica, some Brazilian sativa, Afghani and Thai landraces in this strong strain. The abundant buds that result from this potent combination of White Widow and The One are popular among experienced consumers and growers.

Sketch Effects

The cerebral high from Sketch is clear and long-lasting, floaty and talkative, creative and happy. A nice tingly body high is also noticeable thanks to the 40% indica in the mix. But it will be a recognizable sativa effect to the well initiated.

Sketch Terpene profile

Fruity and sweet in the mouth, Sketch is above all known for its Limonene induced citrus scent, making this hybrid popular among sativa lovers.

Medical Benefits Sketch

High THC can make novice users anxious, so start slow and low with this one; if you´re new to strong strains perhaps go for one with more CBD in the mix (this is 0.2% so, on the lower side). For those looking for therapeutic benefits, Sketch has good depression and stress-relieving properties. High CBG (1.2%) can be helpful to those with neurological disorders or folks looking for positive mood regulation.

How to Grow Sketch

Popular with experienced growers, Sketch has a long grow time to flowering. Patience is needed to get the THC levels that this strain is capable of. New growers with a little more haste may miss out on the full potency available, while a keen eye knows to wait till those trichomes are nice and amber and can pick the flower at just the right moment. Given the right conditions, and talked to nicely, Sketch can grow up to 2.5 meters and produce high yields.