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Amnesia x Lemon Skunk x Lemon Haze x Afghani #1

by Amsterdam Genetics

With a THC count pushing 22%, Lemon Ice is a deliciously potent sativa-dominant hybrid with impressive flavour and effects. Sweet and citrusy with a creative, energetic, clear high, Lemon Ice from Amsterdam Genetics is a must-try for Haze enthusiasts. 

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Lemon Ice Strain Genetics

A potent blend of Lemon Haze and Ice, Lemon Ice inherits many of the qualities in its rich genetic background which includes the legend of Amnesia Haze. Ice provides those herbal, musky notes of pure Afghani characteristics while Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant strain favoured for its energetic effects and citrus flavour.

Lemon Ice Strain Terpene Profile

Strong and fruity, with a skunky undertone and a floral notes on the nose. It’s pretty sweet on the tongue too, thanks to the presence of limonene.

Lemon Ice Strain Effects

A strong cerebral effect, this sativa dominant strain will be popular among creatives and those with a philosophical bent. Relaxed but very energetic, expect to be bubbling with ideas. Good for when feeling sociable. Those prone to anxiety with strong strains, perhaps seek more indica than Lemon Ice offers.

Medical Benefits Lemon Ice Strain

High THC, sativa dom strains are particularly popular among migraine and chronic headache sufferers; lifting both the physical heaviness and the acute pain of the headache. The terpene limonene is heavily present in Lemon Ice and that’s known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-depressant qualities.

How to Grow Lemon Ice Strain

A strong grower, Lemon Ice will be long and very tall, reaching up to 3 meters outdoors, under the right conditions. These plants like a lot of light, but do watch out for the combined perils of leaf curl from too much direct sunshine and overcompensating with too much water.

With an average of 55 days to harvest, Lemon Ice is certainly a fast flowering strain and will reward growers with an impressive yield of dense, citrus-flavoured buds.