Buy Green Magic strain seeds

White Choco x Green Manalishi

by Amsterdam Genetics

With its light green buds, mint-chocolate flavor and 19% THC, Green Magic from Amsterdam Genetics is a pretty and enticing strain. 1.20% CBD also means that this indica dominant strain has good therapeutic qualities.

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Green Magic Strain Genetics

A combination of White Choco (with its uber-relaxing body-buzz) and Green Manalishi with its strong sativa influences (from Pacific G13 x G13 x Hash Plant grandparents), Green Magic is a relatively new hybrid from Amsterdam Genetics. A 60/40 indica dom strain, relatively strong and possessing good medicinal qualities.

Green Magic Strain Terpene Profile

If you liked mint-choc-chip ice cream as a kid, you’d like the combo of those flavours in this floral, slightly fruity, light green bud. Sweet & spicy, it’s a tingly taste bomb.

Green Magic Strain Effects

The sativa side of the family here makes sure that the indica dom strain doesn’t put you straight to sleep. Green Magic does have a deep, relaxing body-high but on the cerebral side of things, you should still feel creative and energetic.

Medical Benefits Green Magic Strain

Amsterdam Genetics has produced a good strain here for medicinal users. 1.20% CBD is a lot! It can help to reduce stress, tension, inflammation and anxiety. 1.20% CBG is also high, this cannabinoid can be a good assist for those suffering from neurological conditions or tremors. THCV is thought to help in conditions as diverse as diabetes and epilepsy and for that Green Magic is hitting a 0.70% level.

How to Grow Green Magic Strain

Flowering may begin as soon as 55 days, Amsterdam Genetics recommend that you give this one a little longer, however, because of the sativas in the mix; the flowering period itself should be pretty short. Green Magic will produce lengthy, dense, and sticky buds. Does well indoors and can produce an impressive yield, if you’ve got the right conditions.