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White Russian x Chocolope x The One

by Amsterdam Genetics

Chocolony is the hybrid mix of White Choco and The One. It has a lovely earthy, chocolate flavor, a boisterous high and is quick to grow.

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Chocolony Strain Genetics

White Choco is a mix of White Russian (White Widow x AK-47) and Chocolope (Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze), the other parent here (The One) has its roots in both Afghani and Thai landraces. What’s their Chocolony offspring like then? You can expect a full-bodied, pretty strong and very flavorsome bowlful from this one.

Chocolony Strain Terpene Profile

Sweet and spice, earthy and dank but above all, plenty of chocolate flavors will be found in this punchy strain. Chocolony is a tasty hybrid, that does not sacrifice taste to potency; it has both.

Chocolony Strain Effects

Chocolony gives you a nice mix of mellow and happy without making you a complete chatterbox. With 18% THC, it has a fairly strong high. It’s good for intermediate cannaiseurs who want a nice kick without going straight for the top THC-levels of more powerful strains.

Medical Benefits Chocolony Strain

The mellow parentage in Chocolony helps provide great stress relief, and lift fatigue without much risk of being anxiety-inducing. With 40% Indica, it provides a good full-on body-high which can be excellent as a muscle relaxant.

Chocolony’s CBD-level is pretty good too, 0.3%, which combined with 1.5% CBG can be good for those with neurologically related conditions.

How to Grow Chocolony Seeds

Chocolony is a pretty straightforward grow. It will produce good yields both in and outdoors. With decent conditions, you can expect a high yield per plant. Watch out for pesky pests that often like the sweet chocolatey tastes of strains with this kind of heritage.