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White Choco x AK Kosher Kush x Ruderalis

by Amsterdam Genetics

A good strain for indica loving first-time growers. Choco Kush grows relatively easily and quickly (60-65 days). It’s a tasty, chocolatey number just as the name suggests. And very potent.

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Choco Kush Strain Genetics

This Choco has strong Kush genetics. A 3-way combo of White Choco, AK Kosher Kush and Ruderalis, resulting in a 70% indica-dominant hybrid. Its grandparents include the potent White Russian, flavorsome Chocolope, mellow AK-47, and the ever-popular OG Kush.

Choco Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Like a lot of its related strains (e.g. White Choco, Kosher Choco Kush and the like) you’ll get a lovely, earthy, slightly spicy nose from this sweet chocolate flavored strain.

Choco Kush Strain Effects

Powerful and sedative, this can be couch-lock central, or soporific if you’re already tired. That said, you will sleep well. The long-lasting body buzz can be especially good for those looking for some therapeutic benefits.

Medical Benefits Choco Kush Strain

The high Indica ratio of Choco Kush (70%) gives a great body-high, deep and relaxing. Making it effective for combating muscle and joint pain, it will help you sleep like a baby, and it may assist those who have trouble eating  by increasing appetite.

How to Grow Choco Kush Seeds

This is a gift to beginner growers. Quick & easy, giving you a nice little crop of juicy, plump and frosty buds in a relatively short time. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor grows and happy in colder, damper northern European climates due to their excellent mold and mildew resistance. May also be a good one for urban growers with limited space, though it can be pungent.