Buy Blue Amnesia strain seeds

Amnesia Haze x Blue Dream

by Amsterdam Genetics

50% Sativa, 20% Indica and 30% Ruderalis, the sweetness of berries, the therapeutic touch of some Jack Herer in the mix – Blue Amnesia has it all. And it’s a good grower too.

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Blue Amnesia Strain Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics have taken two of the most popular strains around at the moment, Amnesia Haze and indica dominant Blue Dream, and slammed them together into this berry-filled delight. There’s a Mexican Haze grandparent in there too, so it’s got a good kick to it.

Blue Amnesia Strain Effects

A powerful stoned feeling is guaranteed with Blue Amnesia. It’s a consistent and long-lasting high that will make you feel relaxed and sleepy. It can be slightly soporific if you’re tired but allows the mind to pleasantly wander when you’re not.

Blue Amnesia Strain Terpene Profile

Earthy, sweet, spice and berries; this is a melting pot of flavor and powerful aromas. You may even get a hint of citrus from the Amnesia side of the lineage.

Medical Benefits Blue Amnesia Strain

Blue Amnesia has 20% THC so can help with general pain relief, at this level that goes for both acute and chronic pain. It’s CBD is pretty high too, the combination making it great for stress reduction.

The percentage of the cannabinoid CBG (1.20%) is also quite high and may have a positive benefit for sufferers of spasmodic conditions or those with tremors.

How to Grow Blue Amnesia Seeds

Blue Amnesia is only available as an auto-flowering variety, making growing easier. With a little patience, growers can expect high plants with big yields, especially outside. But this strain does also appreciate the more controlled conditions of indoor grows.

Whichever growing-conditions you might choose, you’ll always get, lovely dense, sticky buds.