Buy AK-020 strain seeds

Afghani #1 x Columbian Sativa x Thai

by Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics crossed Colombian Sativa, Mexican Sativa and Afghan Indica to produce their well-rounded AK-020. Its 50/50 sativa to indica ratio make it the perfectly balanced hybrid.

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AK-020 Strain Genetics

There aren’t many strains that are a straight down the middle split sativa/indica. But this three-way cross from Amsterdam Genetics is. It combines Colombian Sativa, Mexican Sativa and Afghan Indica to produce a floral scented and earthy, tangy tasting strain.

To prove it’s a truly homegrown Amsterdam thoroughbred, Amsterdam Genetics named it 020, after the Amsterdam area dialing code.

AK-020 Strain Effects

Despite the forceful sounding name, this strain brings a pleasant, mellow high. Long-lasting, super mellow, creative and open-minded. Prepare to be entirely relaxed.

AK-020 Strain Terpene Profile

A strong, floral scent gives rise to a sweet & spicy flavor with the earthy notes of the AK-47 parent sometimes detectable in the background.

Medical Benefits AK-020 Strain

The relaxed brain-space that you get to with AK-020 and the likes might be good for working against anxiety. This high in THC marijuana strain is known for being a good pain-reliever and is reported to work well against nausea, so AK-020 may prove beneficial with chronic conditions. Using this cannabis strain in a vaporizer allows for good dosing depending on the severity of symptoms.

How to Grow AK-020 Seeds

AK-020 goes from seed to harvest in around 56-63 days. Growing to about 1.5 meters outdoors it can double in height if it has good outdoor conditions. Popular among growers for its potency and high yields this strong strain produces plump, juicy, compact buds with plenty of amber pistils.