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Most seasoned cannabis consumers will attest to the fact that few varieties can match the high-energy, creative buzz afforded by haze strains. Brought to you by Absolute Seeds, Rittus Haze is a new addition to the potent haze strains.

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Rittus Haze Genetics

Strain hunters herald sativa dominant Haze on account of its triple whammy of aroma, taste and effect. Yet, haze strains are a patient growers plant, and due to painfully long flowering periods, few actually attempt to grow anything containing haze genetics. But, that was before Rittus Haze cannabis seeds arrived.

Teeming with Haze genetics, the guys at Absolute Cannabis Seeds wanted to retain this famous cannabis strain’s sought after signatures, while dramatically reducing the time until flowering stage. 

Needless to say, they succeeded, and Rittus Haze cannabis seeds were born, with these truly elite seeds allowing impatient strain hunters the chance to finally harvest their own haze cannabis within flowering periods of nine weeks, as opposed to the lengthy fourteen to sixteen weeks of days gone by.

Rittus Haze Terpene Profile

Rittus Haze, and haze strains in general, have a very distinct scent, taste and effect, yet it’s difficult to nail this dark horse down to one particular flavour. A bit like tasting a fine wine, this cannabis strain seems to divide opinion amongst strain hunters, with some consumers account of both taste and scent ranging wildly, citing accents of lemon, citrus, soil and even diesel.

This amalgamation of different components in Rittus Haze could be down to the presence of terpinolene, which unlike other terpenes each carrying their own trademark, terpinolene doesn’t.

Take limonene; it smells like citrus. And pinene? You guessed it, pine. Terpinolene, on the other hand, is far more multi-dimensional, revered for its uplifting qualities. In this case, terpinolene manifests itself as fresh, some might say sour, and works alongside Rittus Haze’s hearty THC profile to create these potent and delicious seeds.

Rittus Haze Effects

Sometimes nothing can compare to a classic pure haze, and Rittus Haze certainly doesn’t abandon that nostalgia. A hard-hitting cerebral high thanks to elevated THC levels (21%) mean these haze seeds will leave you feeling super focused, talkative and cheerful. If you didn’t like your own company before, you certainly will after this, as will everyone else! 

Waves of energy, euphoria and calm will help to stimulate and cleanse the mind, washing away stress, anxiety and depression – perfect for helping to locate your motivation. Your appetite will have nowhere to hide either, as these sweet seeds deliver a side dish of major munchies, completing the transition into a fully functioning social machine.

Medical Benefits Rittus Haze

On the whole Rittus Haze is a cannabis strain you want to consume when you need to be active. Productivity, whether that’s physical or mental is the name of the game here, so if you suffer from fatigue, this haze cannabis might just be the pick me up you need.

Those who suffer from chronic stress or depression might also consider this cannabis strain (and other haze strains) for its characteristically high THC content and mellowing effects. But regardless of whether you need to get yourself out for a run or get lost in your work, Rittus Haze gives you the proverbial push required to get things ticked off the to-do list.

How to grow Rittus Haze

Thanks to its haze genetics, this cannabis strain develops buds known as foxtail colastypical of sativa, teaming with a sticky, pungent resin, responsible for carrying the signature scent, taste and effect fans of haze strains can’t get enough of.

Both indoor crops and outdoor crops are possible with Rittus Haze feminised seeds. Should you choose to brave the great outdoors, these sweet seeds can produce plants over three metres high, finishing the flowering stage around the beginning of October, with outdoor crops providing a generous yield of around 800g per m2. 

And for haze genetics, these elite seeds no longer need to be appreciated over time – Previously, you’d have been waiting until December for your outdoor crops, so shout out to Absolute Cannabis Seeds once again for the fast forward.

Indoor crops are fast-growing, and you can expect flowering periods to last just over nine weeks (65 days) with these cannabis seeds adapting seamlessly to both SOG and SCROG methods, providing a yield of approximately 600g per m2.