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Critigal + x Black Domina

by Absolute Seeds

Marijuana Grow Shop is proud to present Nordés cannabis seeds by Absolute Seeds – A robust heavy yielding indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a Black Domina lineage, high resin production and fast flowering period.

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Nordés Strain Genetics

Runner up at the Copa Cannábica do Noroeste in 2016 (Cannabis Cup Northeast), Nordés cannabis seeds are a cross between two of the finest indicas, Critigal + and the famed African Black Domina strain (both past cup winners in their own right). For all you eagle-eyed strain hunters, expect a highly resinous, profoundly relaxing and fast flowering plant to emerge from these exotic seeds. 

From Critigal +, Nordés marijuana seeds have inherited the ability to produce dense flowers with a skunky taste and aroma that is reminiscent of the famed skunk strains / indica strains. Thanks to some spectacular DNA genetics, these delicious seeds are easy to grow with fast flowering buds, characteristics derived from the Black Domina strain in its lineage.

Nordés Strain Terpene Profile

Which terpenes do Nordés cannabis seeds contain? The first is myrcene, which gives Nordés a pungent earthy flavour that carries hints of fruit. Myrcene is found in lemongrass and is an important ingredient in traditional medicine due to its therapeutic benefits as a sleep aid

The second most prominent terpene in Nordés cannabis seeds is pinene. Pinene is reported to impart a smell similar to that of fresh pine, rosemary and basil. It is also the most common terpene found in the natural world. In fact, it is the same terpene that gives evergreen trees their distinctive aroma.

Nordés Strain Effects

Nordés cannabis seeds are certainly not low THC seeds, averaging around 18% with a negligible CBD level of less than 1%. Known in the ever-growing world of seeds as hybrid seeds, Nordés effects are highly reminiscent of popular indica strains. Nordes will calm the mind, however, the most potent effect is felt on the body. This also puts Nordés into the medical marijuana category.

Due to the presence of myrcene, Nordés is best consumed when you’re in the mood to chill but don’t want to zone out. Some users report that Nordés is a mood-enhancer, which is an attribute that can be traced back to Critigal + and the skunk strains in its heritage.

Nordés Strain Medical Benefits

These indica dominant hybrid seeds are considered an ideal medical cannabis strain for some due to the fact that it imparts a strong relaxation effect. Since it contains myrcene, which is used in Mexico as a sedative and muscle relaxant, Nordés is known amongst medical cannabis users to be incredibly soothing, offering traits exhibited by only the finest indicas.

As such, Nordés cannabis seeds have the potential to be used as medical cannabis, great for those with sleeping issues or those looking to use medical marijuana to ease the symptoms of pain.

How to Grow Nordés Strain

Nordés marijuana seeds are suitable for both inside and outside cultivation, as they’re both hardy and easy to grow. Ideal seeds for beginners, first-time growers will appreciate how forgiving Nordés feminised seeds are, while veterans of the cannabis world of seeds are sure to admire their resilience in different settings and short flowering time. Indeed, Nordés cannabis seeds have a flowering time that ranges from just 45 to 50 days.

Not only fast-flowering, but these heavy yielding seeds potent buds are also dense, sticky and offer a high level of resin production. When grown outdoors, Nordés reaches heights of over 200 cm and yields around 600 grams per plant.

For indoor crops, expect a fast-growing plant (90-110 cm) that is also fairly heavy yielding at around 500 grams per square metre.