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Skunk #1 x Afghani

by Absolute Seeds

Absolute Seeds took the popular Critical Mass one step further to create Critigal+, an easy to grow, short flowering and high yielding seed. A balanced indica-sativa hybrid bred from fast-growing Afghan and Skunk cannabis seeds, the earthy and herbal aromas give the critical strain a sweet and fruity flavour.

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Critigal+ Strain Genetics 

Critigal+ feminised seeds are the child of a selection of various Skunk strains crossed with Afghan, cultivated to produce an even balance of indica and sativa traits.

Skunk #1, the mother of all Skunk strain types, is a multigenerational blend of Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold marijuana genetics that offer a fast flowering cash crop. Grow guides show that Afghan is an original landrace, indica-dominant strain that has stood the test of time by passing its fast-growing genetics to countless critical cannabis strain types.

Strain info indicates Crtitgal+ is a reasonably high THC strain (around 18%) with no significant CBD.

Critigal+ Strain Terpene Profile 

High amounts of myrcene give Critigal+ feminised seeds its earthy and herbal scents, which translate to sweet and fruity flavours. On the exhale, you may also taste a hint of black pepper, thanks to its measure of caryophyllene in these female seeds. Notice something refreshing? The marijuana genetics of this impressive bud create aromas of pine, from the presence of its pinene terpene.

Critigal+ Strain Effects 

The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in Critigal+ female seeds provide a balanced high that typically treats symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain and depression.

With balanced indica-sativa marijuana genetics, Critigal+ will brighten your mood and enhance your creativity, while keeping you grounded in a state of relaxation. The pinene terpene in these female seeds will increase focus and clarity, providing mental relief for an over-stimulated mind. Myrcene, one of the most commonly found terpenes in critical cannabis, creates its relaxing and soothing effects. Then enter caryophyllene, a terpene known to relieve pain.

Altogether, the uplifting pine, calming myrcene and equalizing caryophyllene make Critigal+ a balanced and desirable medical marijuana high.

Medical Benefits of Critigal+ Strain

In the world of seeds, the benefit of a medical cannabis strain like Critigal+ is in its ability to relieve your pain without slowing you down. This high THC strain, working alongside terpenes myrcene and caryophyllene in what is known as the Entourage Effect, make Critigal+ a powerhouse pain reliever. 

Let’s not forget the pinene terpene, which provides an uplifting, happy and even euphoric experience, making Critigal+ a great choice of medical marijuana strain for anxiety, depression and stress.

Critigal+ is not the hardest hitter, so this strain can be used both during the day or night, for uplifting, focused or calming activities.

How to Grow Critigal+ Seeds

Critigal+ feminized cannabis seeds are easy to grow and fast flowering tall plants that produce a high yield that will be ready for harvest in seven to eight weeks.

These critical cannabis seeds are particularly well suited to grow in a Sea of Green (SoG) indoors. The Critigal+ cannabis strain grows buds so dense and heavy, be prepared to use plant supports or bind the branches during its flowering period. Expect these feminized seeds to yield of over half a kilogram per plant when growing indoors.

If growing outdoors, it’s very quick flowering time means Critigal+ can be harvested in late September or early October. With its large buds, keep the growing space clean to prevent the flowers from developing mould.

Grow guides say to expect these critical seeds to become very tall plants at harvest and produce an enormous cash crop of a kilogram or more per plant.