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Named after Jack Herer, the historic activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Absolute Herer is a THC powerhouse that delivers a heady and euphoric high. Often found in dispensaries and coffee shops alike, the Jack Herer cannabis strain and its next-gen descendant like Absolute Herer are powerful strains that invigorate and energise.

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Absolute Herer Strain Genetics

Initially developed in the Netherlands in the 1990s, the Jack Herer strain has lent its dank genetics to many other phenotypes, both indica and sativa dominant. Absolute Seeds selected the best they could find from the world of seeds and created a fantastic strain they consider to be the definitive version of Jack Herer: Absolute Herer.

This sativa-dominant strain is a poly hybrid of Northern Lights #5 x Haze and Shiva Skunk. Her cannabinoid profile shows an average THC level of 20%, and virtually no CBD. Absolute Herer has been perfected to produce heavy resin in the grow and a crystal-clear cerebral experience when consumed.

Absolute Herer Strain Terpene Profile

With its blend of spice and pine notes, this strain of Jack Herer stands out with its sharp and unique aroma. Drawing from her top tier genetics, Absolute Herer’s primary terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene and terpinolene, giving this one a truly rare dankness that may remind strain hunters of the Northern Lights strain family.

With an aromatic incense twist, Absolute Herer’s myrcene terpenes create an aroma that’s strongly reminiscent of the Haze family of tropical seeds. Her thick, herbal and peppery scents come from the commonly found caryophyllene terpene.

Absolute Herer’s bright flavour, fruity notes and uplifting effects come from the lesser-known but very aptly named terpene, terpinolene.

Absolute Herer Strain Effects

The Jack Herer cannabis strain has been developed into many phenotypes, with Absolute Seeds zeroing in on tropical seeds to create this bright sativa-dominant strain. Known for its uplifting and energising effects, the terpinolene in Absolute Herer acts as a wonderful motivation for creative and social settings.

High in THC and myrcene, both popular agents of euphoria, Absolute Herer creates a cerebral and blissful effect. The caryophyllene terpene balances the buzz by calming the body without weighing it down. Keen strain hunters will enjoy the spicy herbal flavours upon inhaling, and will soon be relieved of stress, feeling energised and more creative.

Medical Benefits of Absolute Herer Strain

Jack Herer has a strong medical reputation and has been available in US dispensaries as a prescription substance for many years. Absolute’s sativa-dominant Absolute Herer medical seeds are recommended for its therapeutic value, thanks to its terpenes.

The caryophyllene terpene is commonly found in many strains of cannabis and is known to relieve chronic pain. Myrcene, another frequently occurring terpene, can stimulate appetite, making Absolute Herer a good choice for those suffering from suppressed hunger.

The heady uplifting effects of terpinolene can wipe away stress, quiet anxiety and relieve depression. Although these sativa-dominant medical seeds are not known as a sedative, the overall positive effects may help to fight fatigue when it’s time for some shut-eye.

How to Grow Absolute Herer Seeds

Now that Absolute Seeds has created these fast-growing autoflowering seeds, strain hunters can buy Absolute Herer regular seeds for a great option to grow indoors or out.

Absolute Herer marijuana seeds are a jack of all trades when it comes to cultivation conditions. As moderately difficult to grow regular seeds, they are better for experienced cultivators. Luckily Absolute Herer’s tropical seeds are adaptable to both indoor and outdoor growing, making this one a solid greenhouse seed.

Well suited for hydroponics or soil, and perfect for SOG or SCROG systems, these amazing auto exotic seeds are a fast-growing strain that only needs a few weeks of vegetative growth before its flowering period begins.

If you live in a warm climate and have space for an outdoor grow, be prepared to see these regular auto seeds soar up to 3 metres tall during her flowering period, thanks to its sativa dominant genes. Be careful not to overfeed though, watching for nutrient blockage or burn. Treat these Absolute cannabis seeds right, and you can expect an average yield in 8-10 weeks of big, tight, and resin-filled buds.