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6 October 2020

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Ohio

While Ohio became the 6th U.S state to decriminalise cannabis in 1975, the state has still yet to adopt a fully legalised cannabis market for both medical and recreational users despite the legalisation of medical marijuana in 2016.

So, what is the current status regarding cannabis in the state of Ohio?

In this article, we take a closer look at the existing marijuana laws in the 7th most populated U.S state.

Ohio Cannabis Law

At present, cannabis remains illegal for recreational use in Ohio; however, the state has taken a largely relaxed approach to cannabis crimes, eliminating heavy penalties for possession and consumption of small quantities of marijuana. Indeed, since 1975, the possession of up to 100 grams of cannabis in Ohio has been decriminalised, transforming the state’s approach to the punishment of cannabis-related crimes,

While a recreational market remains sadly absent with the most recent initiative to formally legalise recreational cannabis failing in 2014, the medical use of cannabis was first legalised in 2016 with the first sales occurring in 2019.

Under the law, anyone aged 21 and older can legally shop at medical cannabis dispensaries in the state. Proof of age and a medical marijuana card are required to purchase any marijuana product.

Unfortunately, the consumption of cannabis by smoking is restricted under the law, which permits cannabis use only in edible, oil, vapour, patch, tincture, or plant matter form.

Can I grow Marijuana seeds in Ohio?

Growing cannabis or marijuana plants is limited only to those with a commercial growing license. Cultivation of less than 100 grams would also be considered a misdemeanour offence with a small fine and no criminal conviction.

While growing marijuana seeds in Ohio is restricted to licensed operations it is possible for individuals to buy cannabis seeds to keep as souvenirs.
While growing marijuana seeds in Ohio is restricted to licensed operations it is possible for individuals to buy cannabis seeds to keep as souvenirs.

The Best Ohio Cannabis Seeds

While it remains illegal to cultivate cannabis seeds in Ohio, it is legal to buy marijuana seeds and keep them as collectables, perhaps in time for when the state finally decides to adopt legal cultivation laws or simply as a novelty item.

We have a huge collection of popular Ohio marijuana seeds online that you can order and have shipped directly from our seed bank to your home with our swift and discreet guarantee delivery service. Some of our most popular marijuana strains include legends like Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze and Skywalker OG.

Collecting your favourite cannabis seeds in USA is so easy with our huge selection of recreational and medical cannabis (including high in CBD marijuana feminized seeds) like CBD Critical available in regular seeds, feminised cannabis seeds, and autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds.

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