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What is Cannabis Bubble Hash?

A popular choice amongst cannabis extract fans, Bubble Hash is a unique type of hash that is produced using ice water.

But what exactly is Bubble Hash?

Like traditional forms of hash, Bubble Hash is a solid concentration of cannabis resin glands however, unlike other types of hash, Bubble Hash is produced by using water.

Named because of the way it bubbles when burned, Bubble Hash ranges in potency, quality and even its colour ranging from light blonde to a darker shade of brown.

In today´s ever-growing market, the variety of choices available to consumers has never been greater and that is very much the case with bubble hash. Typically rated on a scale of one to six stars, “Full Melt” is known as the highest (no pun intended) quality of bubble hash on the market today. The “top-shelf” bubble hash offerings are typically produced using delicate mesh sieves that help to prevent undesirable plant material from passing through

This ultra-refined bubble hash bubbles consistently when smoked or dabbed and leaves only small amounts of material in its path.

A brief history of Bubble Hash

While it might sound like the latest fad, Bubble Hash actually made its introduction into the cannabis community during the early 1990s.

Reaching its peak in popularity around a decade later, the phrase “If it doesn’t bubble, it’s not worth the trouble,” became synonymous with the popular extraction. Indeed, quality remains high on the agenda (again, no pun intended) for bubble hash fans and remains a popular method of extraction to this day.

Of course, other popular concentrates like BHO and Rosin have stolen some of Bubble Hash´s thunder but it remains very much a favoured cannabis extraction in 2022.

What is the Difference Between Hash and Bubble Hash?

While most people are familiar with the regular hash that is typically pressed into a spherical or brick like shape and then broken up or burned for consumption, Bubble Hash is, in contrast, typically presented in an unpressed form, crumbly to touch with a consistency that varies between paste-like to an almost powdery consistency.

While traditional hash typically contains up to 50% THC, Bubble Hash is slightly more refined and is thought to reach THC levels up and beyond 60%:

Bubble Hash can also vary in its appearance and colour ranging from light blonde to deep amber.

Can I Make my own Bubble Hash?

While hash making has been popular across the globe for centuries, it is only in the past thirty years that Bubble Hash has left its mark in the western cannabis community.

Producing your own bubble hash is a relatively simple process using cannabis flower, fine-mesh micron bags also known as “bubble bags” , and ice water. In this process, the bags and ice water are utilized in order to extract the trichomes from the unwanted plant material.

In order to make bubble hash, cannabis is combined with ice water inside the bubble bags. Within the bags are sieves which allows for the separation of of the plant material from the resin glands.

When making bubble hash, the most important aspect ofthe process is ensuring that the trichomes are removed without incurring any damage. Tirchomes are the glands found on cannabis flowers, leaves and stems. Consisting of a very small stalk and spherical head, trichomes are packed full of cannabinoids including THC and CBD as well as vital flavonoids and terpenes.

How to make Bubble Hash

When making your own bubble hash, we recommend that you use high-quality bubble bags. Those with the 73 micron and 90 micron bags are typically the best options.

Another option for those of you looking to produce premium-quality bubble hash, an eight-bag bubble bag kit is a great investment.

In these kits, you will find eight different sized bags that range between 25 microns and 220 microns. This gives you a wide variety of choice although the aforementioned 73 and 90 micron bags are our favoured methods.

Once you have purhched your bubble bags, collect all of the required materials including:

  • 2 buckets – 5-20 litres
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Silk-screen filters or bubble bags
  • Cannabis bud or trim (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 Large spoon (for mixing)

To estimate how much cannabis a rule of thumb is that 10 grams of flower will produce about 1 gram of hash. This largely depends on the quality of material used.

1) Fill the first bucket

To begin making your bubble hash, place the cannabis into one of the buckets and add ice and water—enough to fill the bucket. Stir for at least 15 minutes.

2) Prepare your second bucket

Now you must line the second bucket with your bubble bags. Put the bags into the bucket according to size with the smallest first, culminating with the largest. Then secure the bags so that you are able to empty the contents of the first bucket through them without any issues.

3) Empty first bucket, into second

Next, simply pour the mixture through the multi-layer filter system, taking care to ensure that water does not spill over the sides. Now, let the mixture stand for around 15 minutes.

4) Remove bubble bags

Starting from the top, carefully begin to remove the bubble bags. Drain them of water and leave it aside. The first bag should contain the most plant material and as you continue to remove each bag and drain it, you will see that the quality of the hash becomes increasingly more refined. By the time you reach the final, only a small amount of material remains and this is where you will find th highest quality of hash.

5) Spread on a smooth surface

Remove the remaining trichomes from the final bag and spread them onto a smooth surface. Leave them to dry for three-four hours. Once they are dried, you will now have a a material that you can press into hash.

Final Thoughts…

One of the main benefits of bubble hash is that it is considered considerably safer to consume comparted to concentrates that have been produced using chemical solvents.

This solvenltless extraction process requires no solvent to dissolve the trichomes, removing any possibility of ending up with residual solvent in the final extraction.

In addition, the process is relatively simple and can be performed at home. In contrast, solven extractions can be dangerous if not conducted within the confines of a secure lab facility. As solvents are both flammable and odourless, they can prove dangerous for those with little experience in the process.

With Bubble Hash, we know that there is no residual solvent matter in the final hash extract so consumers can enjoy without worrying about any possible negative effects.

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