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Tips for first-time cannabis consumers

Trying anything new for the first time can be a little intimidating. Part of that likely comes from not knowing what to expect. But don’t ever let that stop you from trying new things – which is a good life lesson in general.  

When it comes to cannabis, rest assured in the fact that nobody has ever overdosed on cannabis. Nor has anybody ever lost control over their faculties to the point that they can’t function or think straight, as can happen with alcohol or other mind-altering substances. The worst that can happen is that you may experience feelings of anxiety, or in extreme cases paranoia, but this has more to do with the fact that cannabis strengths emotions already present. In those cases, the best thing you can do is to stay calm, relax and let it pass. And even if that doesn’t help, there are some other things you can try when you are feeling too high, as I describe in this article.    

To make sure your first time trying cannabis goes as smooth as possible, there are a couple of  things you can do. Follow these tips to help you to set the perfect setting before taking the plunge to find out if cannabis is truly right for you.

best tip for smoking your first joint
The best tip when you try cannabis for the first time! Image by: Amit Sodha

Get a hold of quality cannabis

Closed mouths don’t get fed. So, whenever you visit your local coffeeshop or dispensary, never feel weird or nervous about asking for more information about the products you’re considering to purchase. In terms of effects, you may experience a few different types of highs, depending on the kind of cannabis strain you choose. One could offer an uplifting and energetic mental buzz, while another may be felt as making you more physically heavy and sedated. Choosing a strain lower THC is also a good idea – see our top cannabis strains for beginners for some inspiration.

How to consume cannabis for the first time

Smoking: is the usual go-to, but if you haven’t smoked anything before, you may not be used to how smoke irritates your throat and lungs. First-time smokers will most definitely have trouble with the sensation of smoke and there is a good chance you will experience what we call ‘coughing fits’. These fits may sour your initial experience somewhat or worse; putting you off from trying cannabis entirely. So, if you have never smoked anything before, maybe consider other methods of consumption. If you do choose to smoke, smoke your cannabis pure rather than mixing with tobacco.       

Vaporizing: tends to be a little more discreet and healthier alternative to smoking. Portable vaporizer devices are also great to use for consumers who have a busy schedule or are always on the go. Besides that, vapor is a whole lot easier on the throat and lungs. See our beginners guide to vaping for everything your need to know.

Edibles: probably aren’t the best choice for beginners. An edibles high is different to a smoking high. Mainly because edibles take a lot longer to take effect, and when they do, they hit hard. The longer onset of the effects mean that there is a chance you might ingest too much before you really start to feel the effects, while the hard-hitting effects may be too overwhelming for first-timers. Nonetheless, if you really don’t feel like smoking or vaporizing cannabis and you still want to try, at least make sure you pace yourself by eating only a small piece and only buy edibles that are properly labelled. Choosing an edible with a relatively low THC content may also be prudent.

How to be extra prepared for your first cannabis experience

Planning ahead will likely make your experience far more enjoyable. Before completely clearing your schedule, there are a few things you can do to add a little extra something special to your overall cannabis experience.

Cannabis can induce munchies. So, having a few tasty treats on hand might not be a bad idea. Also, make sure to have a few drinks available before you use cannabis. And we don’t mean alcoholic beverages. This way, you won’t feel dehydrated during your first time or the day after. Drink a few glasses of water before and after consuming. This will help keep your blood pumping and your muscles working efficiently, as well as helping you deal with the inevitable bout of ‘cottonmouth’.

The best setting to get high for the first time

Large public settings with big crowds such as clubs, concerts, or sporting events with loud and distracting commotions may not be the best choice. So, it’s important to make sure that you situate yourself in a place that you feel most comfortable in. And feel free to add on to your ambiance. This could mean an afghan or some plush pillows for the first round. Also, consider your fellow-tokers. Do you feel comfortable with the company you are in while trying cannabis first time? Having people you feel comfortable with is crucial for your first time, especially if some of them are experienced cannabis consumers, in case you have questions or start to feel anxious.

Keeping people you trust around is important when consuming cannabis. This will help you to feel safe and less pressured to consume more than you can handle. But mostly, it will allow you the peace of mind to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Start slow and low

We don’t necessarily enjoy making a comparison between alcohol and cannabis. But, being that alcohol is so commonplace and cannabis is much safer, it seems sensible to analogize the two.

When consuming alcohol for the first time, you probably wouldn’t start things out by drinking a ton of shots — and perhaps the same could be said for cannabis. We cannot stress this enough; start out slow on the consumption and let your body do the talking. If things don’t work out the way you hoped, don’t stress. Just brush yourself off and try again. Oh, and definitely don’t consume cannabis and alcohol together.

Now you know

With all of the therapeutic benefits the plant offers, cannabis can be a life-enhancer in many ways. In the end, if you want to try cannabis, it’s important that you do it safely and responsibly. Cannabis is non-toxic, so if you happen to overindulge, don’t panic and don’t worry. Effects will safely fade away with time, so remember to go slow and prepare to journey on.

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