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How to get More Kief From Your Grinder

Do you want to get the most from your marijuana strain? Do you sometimes have a problem with removing kief from your grinder? To maximize the number of dried trichomes or delicious kief – those tiny, globulous crystals that cover cannabis flowers – you can get from your grinder, there’s a little coin trick that lets you shake loose every last morsel to truly maximize your kief collection.

Step 1: Get your wallet out!

To successfully clean your grinder, you’ll need a coin. This can be a 2 euro coin, a 50 cent or a 20 cent coin, whatever fits in your grinder but still leaves enough space for the coin to move around. A heavier coin works better than a light one though. Place the coin in the middle part of your grinder, where the cannabis ends up after you grind your bud, and reassemble the grinder.

Make sure the coin has room to move around

Step 2: Freeze sucker!

Now, place your grinder in the freezer. It needs to be cold enough so that the trichomes fall off any surface of the grinder they are stuck to. Leave the grinder in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes.

Stick your grinder in the freezer

Step 3: Shake it! Shake it!

Once you take your grinder out of the freezer, shake the grinder for about 30 seconds to make sure that every little morsel of stuck kief comes loose.

Shake it like you mean it!

Step 4: Lo and Behold

Open up the bottom of your grinder and empty the contents onto a hard surface and that once stuck kief is all yours. Depending on how often you clean your grinder, the rewards of your kief collection might be plentiful. The important part is; you got it all, and that’s what counts. Even with a grinder that doesn’t have a separate kief reservoir, your spoils will be plentiful, because frozen trichomes don’t stick to the hard surface anymore.


Behold! The fruits of your labor

So, now that you know our coin trick and the best method of collecting kief, there are a lot of things you can do with it. You could just mix it in with your fresh bud and roll a particularly potent joint, make cannabutter, dab it or smoke it straight out of a bong. Even better though, is using the delicious kief to make moonrocks or press it into hash.

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