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Can cannabis help with PMS?

Find relief from the symptoms of menstruation with these cannabis-infused products

By Sylvester

Society, in general, is not big on thinking too much about ‘the curse’. And, despite plenty of medications aimed at ‘men’s problems’, like erectile dysfunction, to date there have been few wonder drugs aimed specifically at PMS – over and above a good hot water bottle. However, with so many new cannabis entrepreneurs being female, perhaps that is due to change…

In mainstream culture, PMS or PMT (pre-menstrual stress/tension) is largely characterized by those all too famous mood swings. But, is it any wonder women may get temperamental around their period when additional symptoms experienced, often simultaneously, include stomach cramps, backache, headaches, tender breasts, sore joints, bloating, constipation and acne? Plus cravings – let us not forget those. Often for sugary or salty foods we know are bad for us, and we probably shouldn’t be eating. Well, not in those quantities anyway. (And, dare I remind you, dear reader, there’s rather a lot of bleeding going on too?)

PMS seems to be triggered by a drop in hormone production the week before your period, estrogen and progesterone being the main culprits. Where cannabis comes into the picture, is first and foremost with its powerful pain relief and muscle relaxant qualities.

Whoopi & Maya: cannabis infused topicals

Whoopi Goldberg was the first cannabis entrepreneur we found to have spotted this opportunity. In 2008, she teamed up with Maya Elisabeth of Om Edibles in the U.S. to start making cannabis infused topicals aimed at helping with PMS. They now have a whole range of therapeutic and indulgent products.

Whoopi Goldberg and Maya portrait for their cannabis infused products at Coffeeshop Guru
Whoopi and Maya. Photo Credit: Timothy White

Foria & Harvard: Cannabis for PMS pain relief

More recently Foria, best known for their cannabis infused lube (that’s right!) has recently teamed up with a researcher at Harvard to study the effectiveness of their cocoa-butter based, vaginal suppositories for PMS pain relief. The thinking behind localizing the administration is that it may be more effective and less intoxicating than other ways of using cannabis. A toke on a good strain of choice may still be quicker in effect, but that remains to be seen, as this is the first study of its kind.

Endoca: Other CBD products that may help you find relief from PMS

Other companies are now getting on board. Notably, Endoca, who produce high-CBD suppositories with some favorable consumer reviews and ship through out Europe.

Endoca has created a high-CBD infused suppository that may  help you to cope with the symptoms of PMS. You can find this product in our shop.
Endoca has created a high-CBD infused suppository that may help you to cope with the symptoms of PMS. You can find this product in our shop.

What other help might cannabis offer for PMS?

Many women feel deeply fatigued and stressed out around their time of the month. At Washington State University (U.S.) they are running an ongoing study to test the hypothesis that cannabis may have a long-term stress reducing quality, and whether this is generally a good thing or not. More independent research out of Canada is aimed at trying to learn which cannabinoids and terpenes, and in which combinations, seem to lift anxiety best. This study too is going to be repeated with a larger group of participants, but their early findings suggest looking for strains high in the fragrant terpenes Caryophyllene, Myrcene & Limonene. THC is the primary cannabinoid related to pain relief, and CBD the principle one of interest to researchers interested in cannabis’ soothing and calming properties. To find a strain that suits you, with the right balance of these cannabinoids, start by checking out our tips for finding medical strains.

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